Home Nightlife The NY Botanical Gardens hosts its annual Orchid dinner.

The NY Botanical Gardens hosts its annual Orchid dinner.

Photography by Keith Lew.

Orchids just happen to be my favorite flower. I usually however splurge on the hardware store variety because my house is where plants come to die. Last night, ‘The Botanical Garden,’ hosted its annual Orchid Dinner where some of the rarest and most beautiful orchids were auctioned off to support The Botanical Garden’s museum and educational programs.

Raising over $600,000, the event also featured orchid centerpieces that were designed by various designers. From jewelry designers to interior designers, the centerpieces were a work of art that were so spectacular that not even the view from the 36th floor of the Mandarin Hotel could outshine their decadence. Most noteworthy was a centerpiece by Tiffany’s. Usually decked out in Tiffany’s Blue, this year the centerpiece was red in honor of the Chinese New Year. Also noteworthy, was James Rixner‘s wysteria inspired orchid. Easily the most indulgent of the group, my eyes were drawn to it, and it was my obvious favorite.

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