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Terese Pagh Teglgaard, Heating up Europe and Still in Her Teens.



Like most models from Scandinavia, Terese would prefer to escape the cold weather elements, but this may not be in her immediate future. In fact, she is off to Iceland for a short week (brrr-cold) to shoot for Sunsilk.  She has yet to work for fashion’s “top end” labels such as Louis Vuitton, Gucci, Prada, etc., but hopes to soon.  She often is fully booked in Europe with, as she says, “little sister brands,” and seems very happy so far.  Work is everything for so many people worldwide, and the fashion industry has been hit especially hard due to its luxury and non-necessity brand status amongst consumers.  She keeps fit and healthy telling me: “I have learned how important sleep or resting is, and, most important, moderate alcohol.” Moderate alcohol? Well that is certainly not in my career path (I wish I could import some of that hemp beer).  Of course, if she moves to the USA, there will be a natural minimizing on spirits as the legal drinking age is 21 (unless she grabs hold of a fake I.D.)

Terese Pagh Teglgaard, a young and sexy Scandinavian who appears to be destined for a successful career in modeling, socializing, and hopefully not too much partying.  Raised in one of the most fashion-forward, design-oriented, liberal, eco-friendly and popular cities of Northern Europe, I’m certain she will be in New York’s high-fashion network soon enough.   The question is: will she be able to get into the lounges?