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ModelsHotel.com launches ‘Delivers.’

Photography by Arthur Eisenberg.

NEW YORK-  Mirrored glass walls and sequins pillars weren’t the only things shining last night at Juliet Supper Club for the launch party of the restyled, referral only social network, ModelsHotel.com. Like Facebook for the fabulous and elite, the site is a platform for those saturated in the world of fashion. Including photographers, stylists, agents, editors and other significant forces of the style society.

The event combined their strengths with their sponsors FashionDelivers.org and donated 100 percent of all proceeds from the event to “Fashion Delivers: Hope to Haiti” charity efforts. Partygoers were greeted at the entrance by the hostess dressed in jet black Rihanna styled hair matched with Loubitins, before they made their way inside toward an avant garde mixed bunch. The crowd, like the website, consisted of influential members of the fashion community and invite-only socialites…alas.

Meanwhile, by the coat check, a neatly manicured gentleman in a skinny suit along with his girl friend in a tattered mink were seen debating as to what her next purchase at Chanel ought to be, only to be disrupted by a blaring fire alarm and a crowd of six fireman tending to what was later described  by a Supper Club insider to be the result of an  “over cooked shrimp.”

Megan Averbuch

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  • One wonders if the writer was trying to be cute, or for that matter the editor was tryin’ to be cuter?- the editor(r)…

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    I dont think so…either a typo or perhaps the brand name of your Hateorade?

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