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Is this wishful thinking, but Christie Brinkley’s ugly daughter Alexa Ray lands a modelling deal?


The wonderful things that family connections can do for you.

Nothing personal, well sort of, but has anyone really had a good look at Alexa Ray Joel? The girl looks like the back end of a horse, or to be precise like the back of her dad’s ass- Billy Joel, no beauty boy by any stretch of the imagination. Granted mom was and kind of still is hot and we understand her once being a top model but how does it happen that Alexa who not even on a good day could cause a dog to salivate gets awarded a lucrative contract being the ‘spokes model’ for Prell shampoo, 25 years after mom landed the contract?

Reports the NY Post (dump):

Alexa Ray Joel is the new face of Prell shampoo nearly 25 years after her model mother, Christie Brinkley, starred in ads for the hair product. The singer-songwriter has signed a deal to appear in print and TV ads for Prell while her music will provide the soundtrack, she confirmed to Page Six.

A mistake, a mercy fuck or an inside deal to keep Alexa Ray away from the prescription pills that nearly did her in this past Christmas?

Alexa inherited her mom’s glossy locks. She was recently approached by honchos from Ultimark Products, which bought the Prell brand in late 2009, to become their new model.

Notice how even the Post avoids mentioning the girl inheriting her mother’s looks but rather her locks. In any event, it’s good to have a mom that is a supermodel and kind of bad news to have a dad that looks like the back ass of a cramped mule. But hey, even mules have shiny manes…


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  • Guest

    Alexa Joel is NOT ugly! I have listened to her music and watched her interviews and I think she is far from ugly. She is quite attractive in her own way and should have embraced her unique looks instead of getting plastic surgery to please the likes of morons like you who find her ugly

  • TheThinker

    There are far more beautiful models who could have used that chance. It sucks when people get places because of their famous parents. Alexa Ray Joel IS UGLY.


  • Hey we didn’t know Christie Brinkly had the prell ad a long time ago. But in all honesty her daughter would be great for the job even without her mothers track record with the company since the company wanted her for it and valued her music enough to want it on the ad.

    So hey you go girl. Good for her and hopefully her track record will be as long as her mothers too.