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General Idea: Rock Out


Black was everywhere, as was some inspired shredded knitwear. Critics often say that they would prefer to shred their own clothes, thank you very much, but I suspect few could get the job done as artfully as General Idea. By the time three-quarters of the line had been seen it seemed clear that it could aptly be summarized as “things to wear to CBGB’s, back when that was still a thing,” but it turned out a few surprises were still in store. Some gold glittering vests and jackets made an unexpected appearence, giving the entire presentation a little Ziggy Startdust to complement the preceding David Bowie.

A final comment on timing: Unless one is showing at the Bryant Park tents and Fern Mallis absolutely insists, why show on the Monday morning after Valentine’s day? The couples were up late the night before doing whatever it is couples do, and the single people are hungover from a night of looking for love at the bottom of a bottle of Jameson. More than one hungover wannabe-socialite in standing room was still looking a bit like an Olsen twin back in their NYU cokehead days. Not pretty.

All in all an awesome show, watch out for this young designer- Bumsuk Choi, who launched his debut collection in the Spring of 2004 at the age of 26, we’re kind of betting you are going to be hearing a lot about him going forward, just another hot thing I’m willing to bet on.