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Broadway Actress’s Boyfriend Beats Up Her Dog

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The horrible things that go on off Broadway.

Welcome to douchebag boyfriend of the week: Joseph Graves, who couldn’t help give his big time actress girlfriend’s (Ashley Yeater) little fluffy dog (Emmet) a nice little savage beating over the weekend causing the dog considerable anguish– not to mention countless New Yorkers who are now hatching plans to have Grave’s balls cooked in chicken curry.

The unsavory facts as reported by unsavory journal the NY Post:

Joseph Graves, of Hells Kitchen, was charged with a felony count of cruelty to animals and criminal mischief for the Jan. 16 incident in which he admitted losing his temper and whipping Ashley Yeater’s tiny dog with a belt and kicking it several times, sources said.

Mmm, kicking it a several times. Is this part of the sexual initiation act that Graves likes to perform before sweetheart Ashley gets home from work?

“Hey Ashley, I beat little Emmet again. Thought it might spice up things in the sack.”

Continues the report:

“The dog suffered traumatic injuries and could have easily died from those injuries if he waited much longer,” said Joseph Pentangelo, a spokesman for the ASPCA.

Waited a little longer, because Graves waited 2 days before taking poor Emmet to the vet. Of course as we all know Graves was just stewing and waiting to come to the eventual decision of whether to save the dog’s life after as we all can imagine Emmet had the temerity to piss off Graves. Stupid dog. Right? Good thing Graves taught Emmet a lesson…

Doctors immediately contacted authorities and ASPCA Special Agent Omar Negrillo placed Graves under arrest.

Oh well, it looks like Graves might be a little indisposed for the unforeseeable future. Wonder about the sex life now kids…

Image source: motivationalimage.com
Image source: motivationalimage.com

Source:  NY Post



  1. I think we should all wait for the trial to hear the facts. I know CAPT Graves personally, he was a calm and in control man before and during my deployment to Iraq with him, and his deployment was a personal nightmare so I would not be surprised if this was related. His actions are extremely shocking and horrible to me, but I am willing to give him the courtesy of a jury trial before I convict him in my heart and mind, after all this IS America and the only source any of us have is one news article, hardly meeting the burden of beyond a reasonable doubt.

    -A friend

  2. Dear Joseph,

    I hope that when you get out of prison in 25 years your sphincter will be the size of Canada!
    You are a coward. I feel sorry for your parents!

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