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Underground world of lawless fighting.

Lawless fighter- Cyrano de Bulgerac.

You probably don’t know about this, but deep in the city there is an underground bastion that has been gaining ground and with ferocious tenacity. It’s called ‘lawless fighting.’ What is it? Part savagery, part bravery, part malice, part ego and a whole lot of money quickly changing hands. Illegal? You better believe it. Dangerous and perhaps the sudden come on for unbridled men who are looking for an outlet to knock each other out silly. Call it the modern day ‘Fight club,’ call it what you will, but one thing for sure is it’s happening in hidden quarters right here, right now in New York City…

On conditions of strict confidence and discretion Scallywag and Vagabond caught up with Cyrano de Bulgerac as he likes to call himself who allowed us a candid and exclusive interview and foray into the sudden and very dangerous sport of ‘lawless fighting.’

SCV: Tell me what is underground fighting? What’s the agenda? Is this a new way of defining masculinity?

CDB: No man, this is strictly about money!

SCV: Money? What does that mean? Nothing about honor?

CDB: It’s about people who want to beat the hell out of each other for money. There’s like 15 random people in a basement sizing each other up and there’s lots of money changing hands.

SCV: How much money?

CDB: I can’t say. But I can tell you I’ve walked away sometimes with as much as $7000 in an afternoon.

SCV: Where does it happen?

CDB: It’s organized in undisclosed fields. People would bring me to suburban locations, random high school fields.

SCV: Which people?

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  • anon

    Come on, this is new to you americans? men beatin g fuck out of each other in ‘underground’ fights have been HUGE in the UK for more years than the US has been an established nation. Its just ‘bare knuckle boxing’ here, people die, the gypsies have a massive underground league, search ‘paddy doherty gypsy’ for an insight, or charles bronson, the uk criminal/unlicensed fighter of that name not the movie star, i mean come on do you lot really find this stuff new? men fighting men/dogs for big money, is a known, in some cases documented, and very widespread here in the UK, you guys are just playing an extremely slow catchup game,

  • Ivan Orama

    Great Piece!. Raw and uncut.