Home Nightlife The Fashion set come out and play with Susan Sarandon.

The Fashion set come out and play with Susan Sarandon.

Photography by Gordon Ho. Susan Sarandon.

What do you get when you put together a high profile activist/actress (our beloved Susan Sarandon), a cackle of table tennis aficionados, a beehive  of good will and the profoundly beautiful collective of such beloved activist? What you get (with a touch of vodka) is the remarkable ensemble that managed to come along last night at Spin to raise funds and awareness for the victims of the natural disaster that has recently struck Haiti. A spur of the moment event, it managed to congregate the viciously high cheek boned set, the fashion elite and one of the most adored evenings we’ve had in a long while.

In conjunction with Spin and the boys and girls at Modelina a well attended evening was very much in play. With the deck canvassed with sprawling table tennis match offs, (yes we couldn’t believe it either- Miss Universe and Miss USA were there beating the pants off each other in a spirited game of table tennis…), genuine fun (we advocate going forward at least three table tennis podiums at every fashion event for the rest of eternity) and the eager support to come along and pay homage to a new scene that has being causing media havoc of late and of course bringing well intended relief of the victims of Haiti.

Russell Simmons, Veronica Webb and gang.
Match point?

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