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The comings and goings of 20 random people on New Year’s Eve. A photo essay.


Sometimes it is easier to take a New Year’s trip to Paris than to go up a hundred blocks on the subway in your own city. And sometimes it is enough to take a trip around New York City to really open your eyes to the world. And that is my New Year’s wish to myself and others to really open their eyes in a new way! So I set out with a couple of good friends to catch some adrenaline, and ecstasy, and anxiety and reevaluation that is energizing the air around New York on New Year’s Eve.  Here is whom we have met and what we found out:

Photography and story courtesy of Galya Kovalyova. Go to her website-galyaphoto.com

Timeline- I set out at 8pm. First stop- Bedford Ave, Brooklyn.


1) Musician in the Subway, Bedford Stop on the L train.

SCV: What role does music play in your life?

Anthony: Music is a gift. It plays the role of love. Connecting to other people through experience and it goes directly to the heart.


2) May, Designer for Mothestudio.com

SCV: What do you wish for your designs in the next year ?

M: I wish some really rich Art Curators who will buy them.

SCV: Why Art Curators ?

May:  Because they are pretty creative, they are wild, they have a lot of money.


3) Salesman in the subway station store, 14th St. and 6th Ave.

S: I am working here long time since 15 years in this station. I have a lot of experience about New Years Eve, Halloween, everything…A lot of people: good people, bad people, crazy people, drunk people…Some times they are very nice; some times they try to rob my store. There is everything here; there is too many experience here.



  1. I loved this article!! Whenever I walk around NYC, I’m always curious about what the strangers next to me are thinking or what their stories are. Of course I never have the balls to ask them (especially because I don’t want to be punched in the face because I’m being creepy), but this photo essay totally fed my curiousity! It’s amazing to read about all these people — who would have thought a pedi-cab driver was trying to get a degree in international business in order to get the hell out of here? I demand more photo essays!!

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