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Dominos vs. Snooki?


guido250The newest sensation in dirty, skankalicious, and violent 15-minutes of infamy, is none other than Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi from MTV’s Jersey Shore. Ever since she got punched in the face, discussed how she liked guys who use steroids, and used the derogatory name of “Guido,” we can’t get enough of this reality starlet.

Most recently, a lot of sponsors – (including Domino’s, Dell, UNICO, and American Family Insurance) dropped their ads from their timeslots during the airing of the show. In response, Snooki said to Steppin’ Out magazine, “Fuck you! If you don’t want to watch, don’t watch. Just shut the hell up! I’m serious…Fuck you!”

Although I don’t really understand what there was to shut up about if the companies just pulled their advertisements, Domino’s decided that they would not shut up and get involved in this petty fight.

A representative for the pizza chain said, “Our first response was, ‘What a classy young lady—her parents must be so proud.’ There’s no need to get into a war with this young girl, because tick tock, her 15 minutes are almost up.” It’s a bit surprising that such a successful company would stoop this low to actually get into a fight with Snooki. But, then again, maybe this sarcastic comeback — which is unexpected for such a big company — is a way of getting great business from us conflict-loving media-crazed people. Anyway, knowing Snooki, this battle has just begun, and won’t end until someone gets punched.

Source- E online.

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