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Dating in the recession, has left a hole in my stomach.



My mother calls me a dinner whore. I call myself a serial first dater. Either way, it feeds me. Or at least, it used too. I once fed myself by going on first dates for 2 months straight in an employment lull. I didn’t spend a dollar on lunch or dinner and only had to shell out dough when on the rare occasions I decided to eat breakfast. And because it was a first date, there was never any opportunity to have expectations of sex in exchange for dinner. I left happy and full, and he left none the wiser.

It is 2009. I am 24, and hitting my stride in the dating world, and along comes the recession. My dinner rotation was hit hard. All the sudden, men wanted to meet for drinks, but drinks didn’t fill my stomach. We also started going on “creative dates”. Dates that would be considered charming had dinner been a prelude to the evening. Walks in Central Park or trips to the bookstore were great, but I couldn’t focus on them due to the rumbling in my stomach. The classic combinations “dinner and a movie” or “dinner and dancing” was now just a movie or just dancing.

I know the recession had worldwide bigger implications than my dinner schedule, but my life and budget were hard hit causalities of the economic downturn. Now as the calender turns, and the economy doesn’t improve, I feel that I may miss out on the best dating years of my life. I no longer put forth the effort to even go out on dates. They are now a bad return on investment. I get dressed, I take a cab, all for a chat by the Seaport. So I have made the collective decision and advise other women to do the same– until we are out of this recession, put your dating life on hold.

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  • Gru

    The men caught wind of the Tom Leykis 101 rules and kicked your dinner plans to the curb.

    He has been touting them when you where still in high school.

    Now we are telling men to not get married since the since family courts are so against men. No point in marrying someone so they can take half without doing anything for it. And then get alimony!

    Since women want equality they can have it! 🙂

  • Nathaniel

    ” Calm down men. I write for entertainment. I am happily involved…”

    Oh, so now in addition to being a golddigger and a —tease, you’re a liar, too?

    Your type of woman doesn’t deserve Happily Ever After.

  • Men are now getting their balls back: http://goo.gl/obiC

  • Malfaesance

    Where’s the kitty? I want to pop a dollar into this writer’s next dinner eat out.

  • Dara

    LOL at the comments. Calm down men. I write for entertainment. I am happily involved… But thank you for making my article one of the most read on this site!

  • Josoap

    Thank you so much for clearing up why so many men have an exasperated look on their face when they talk of dating women. This is the mess I usually have to undo on my first dates, no I am not just after your money, oddly I can pay my own way. I think a walk on the beach would be a far nicer option than another meal with someone having to fork out for my benefit. I would perhaps understand this coming from a 16 year old brat, who has no concept of money and oh yes lets not forget, people’s feelings but at 24 I find this behavior utterly ridiculous and quite hilarious that you actually saw nothing wrong in writing it. Yes times are tough these days, so when a guy offers to take me out I say yes only if I like him, why should he have to waste anymore money when he already works his butt off. And if I can’t afford to go out I stay in with my girlfriends and have a great night in. Strange idea I know, but for a writer in New York most girls out there will be looking up to you to show them what you can achieve when you really put your mind to it. I find your attitude so incredibly disappointing but happily I shall now forward this delightful little article to all my lovely single friends and remind them that we are not all like this and to simply pop a dollar into your pocket next time rather than bother with a main course.

  • young global

    I have to agree Fabio…. :-/

  • Fabio

    This article is an illustration as to why there are so many single, unhappy women in New York City.

    I’m not surprised this girl is alone.

  • London Paladin

    Hello there! I really enjoyed viewing your site. Helps
    me relax for a bit. Keep more blogs comin…ciao!

  • Mr Misunderstood.

    Another case of men having to take care of deserving princesses…please let the author starve.

  • London Paladin

    Hello there! I really enjoyed viewing your site. Helps me relax for a bit. Keep more blogs comin…ciao!

  • Frank

    And they say women are only in it for the money 🙂