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When it’s time to return the adopted child.


adopted250When the sweet lovable child you thought you were getting turns out to be otherwise…

Here’s a sweet story as we approach Christmas day. It involves a lovable cute couple from Illinois, Chicago who thought when they adopted a eleven year old boy they were getting a wonderful well balanced child. As it turns out the child is somewhat of a freak (or not) and now on second thoughts they are trying to see if they can return the boy for store credit, oops we meant just return him outright. The facts:

Tony and Melissa Westcott told the Tulsa World that they love their 11-year-old son, whose name has not been disclosed. But after he was diagnosed with several severe mental health issues, they said it’s beyond their ability to help him. They said they actually fear for their lives after they found several knives under his mattress and a trash can in his room that had been set on fire.

Trash fires, mental issues? What 11 year old boy doesn’t like burning down the house, especially if mommy and daddy are very lovable. Let’s read on…

“We were told he was a normal boy who would have the normal adjustment issues any child in foster care would have,” Melissa Wescott said. “We have been his biggest advocates and strongest fighters. But we are scared of him, and that hurts us.”

Scared of him? How about the boy? Is he scared or is he lurching in the backyard with all those uhm large knives ‘you’ found under ‘his’ bed? Continues the story…

At the time they adopted the boy, documents disclosed by the Department of Human Services indicated that the boy “has no difficulty with attachments and he knows right from wrong …. He does not demonstrate any significant behavioral problems which would be considered abnormal for a child his age.

But suddenly the little boy in question shows many disturbing traits that went unnoticed because as we all know most 11 year old boys are brilliant at keeping secrets that they are psychopaths on the make, until the day you wake up and find them shooting firebombs in your bedroom. The story resumes…

Soon after that, the problems began cropping up. Doctors diagnosed the boy with reactive detachment disorder, disruptive behavior disorder, major depressive disorder, post traumatic stress disorder and fetal alcohol syndrome. The Westcotts decided to send him to a psychiatric hospital in Tulsa, and he’s set to be released next month.

So when young Billy gets released he’ll have a loving mom and dad to take care of him? Right? Not so fast gang, the story continues…

But the Westcotts believe that the boy should be returned to the DHS so that he can get the help he needs. “It’s not like we are trying to return an itchy sweater,” said Melissa, who said she loved her son “unequivocally.” But the DHS is wiping its hands clean.

Yes, we understand- were  not into ‘itchy sweaters’ either, except well young Billy here isn’t exactly an itchy sweater is he? He’s a human being being exchanged because of faulty or supposed said faulty performance, kind of like the way you take a vehicle back to the dealership when the brakes are shoddy. What does this all mean. Let’s read on gang…

“A parent is a parent,” Karen Poteet, who runs the state’s post-adoption program, told ABC News . “It doesn’t matter where the child came from.”

Yes and by the same token a son is a son, except in instances when he is not….

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