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When being a mistress upsets the general population.

Rachel-Uchitel-11Looks like America isn’t happy with possible Tiger Woods mistress Rachel Uchitel. It used to be a while ago if you slept with a married man- worst case scenario would be that you would one day have your eyeballs scratched out by said married man’s wife. That of course doesn’t apply in the case of Tiger Woods recent string of infidelities, cause now Americans en masse want to have Rachel’s head on a platter (never mind Tigers who is paradoxically still adored albeit with a few less advertising contracts to his name…).


Reports TMZ:

Uchitel — the woman whose alleged affair ignited the Tiger Woods scandal — has been getting cell phone calls from people threatening to kill her. A number of people got her cell phone number by looking at a 2001 photo making the rounds with an old cell phone number displayed — a number that referred callers to her current cell phone.

We’re told several callers have threatened to hunt Uchitel down in New York and get her.

Does this sound scrumptious? In any event life will continue while mistresses the world over will have to reconsider possible dalliances with hot married studs cause as the world clearly understands it’s always the mistress that is the home breaker and if Tiger ends up going back to being a nobody after we all worked so hard to turn him  into a mythical hero life will once again become painful and we’ll have to wait for someone to come along and become our next demi god.

In the mean time we would advise most potential mistresses to think twice.

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