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Today’s Fashion: What Have You Done For Me Lately?



From a democratic standpoint, fashion opinions are being generated from the bottom up. We no longer need fashion tips to trickle down from the holiest of holies in the fashion world.  Designers are even trying to appeal to a 13-year-old blogger named Tavi Gavinson.  In fact, she was the highlight of New York’s fashion week.  If the consumer is willing to listen to her, so be it.

After speaking with New York Times advertising columnist, Stuart Elliot, it became clear how much the decrease in consumer spending has affected fashion as well.  While it wasn’t long ago when places like Wal Mart and Target could be taken seriously, suddenly they’re a business model for the fashion world.  It may not be ideal, but sometimes it simply comes down to economics. What’s the point of a glamorous $5000 dress, if no one can afford to take it off the shelf?

The panel concluded with cocktails next door, where designers, photographers, and panelists continued the debate of art versus business.  Does an artist need to compromise their work in order to make a few bucks?  After all, who will pay for their New York City apartment, food, and…well wardrobe?  At what cost does an artist sacrifice their integrity for the sake of financial prosperity? Perhaps a starving artist could create even more on a full meal.  It’s a question every artist must face at some point in time. The debate remains.