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The world can breathe now that Rosie O’ Donnell has a new girlfriend.


tracy250When girls hook up with each other it can be bliss.

Out of the Huffington Post comes the good news that media personality and open labeled lesbian Rosie O’ Donnell has a new girlfriend. Who is she and will she be able to keep Rosie happy and well cuddled as winter has approached us?

She’s now dating dating Tracy Kachtick-Anders, a Texas-based artist who has six children, her rep confirmed to People. The happy couple was spotted strolling hand-in-hand on Miami Beach Tuesday.

As you can appreciate strolling hand to hand on the beach is usually a good sign that some tinker bell chemistry is in the works. Continues the report.

Tracy is an activist for LBGT adoptive rights, and she founded the non-profit Open Arms Campaign, which helps recruit foster and adoptive families. Five of her six children (ages 5 to 17) are adopted and several are special needs, she told the Examiner.

In her free time she paints and serves as a doula.

Are you ready to shed tears of joy? In any event the world can now sigh in collective relief that Rosie O’ Donnnell is no longer single. Can you say the same?

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