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Charlie Sheen is Having The Best Holidays Ever


charliedec250In a time where love and cheer is supposed to be the primary feelings that Christmas stirs up, it seems Charlie Sheen and his wife Brooke Mueller are feeling emotions that are on the other end of the spectrum. Continuing on the earlier reports of Charlie Sheen being arrested for domestic violence, the media is having a ball as more reports surface. As of late, it seems that Sheen’s attack on his wife stemmed from his reaction after he learned from his wife that she wanted a divorce. On a “festive” Christmas Eve dinner, both were drinking heavily and began to argue as Mueller (who was reportedly more drunk than Sheen — wow), stated that she wanted a divorce and according to sources that, “she was leaving him for good.” Soon after, Sheen allegedly pulled a knife on her and threatened her.

Recently, a tape of Mueller drunkenly dialing 911 for help has surfaced– where she just repeats how she was just calling to file a report while the operator asks her for more information. I have to ask, where were their twin boys? Shouldn’t they have both been thinking about their children and wrapping presents instead of drunkenly stumbling around fighting? Whatever the case, even though Sheen is already well-known for his infamous shenanigans and it was not ok to threaten his wife with violence, did Mueller really think that Christmas Eve was the right time to threaten him for divorce while intoxicated? Was she channeling the Christmas scrooge? Whatever the case, it seems like some people will not be having a happy new year after all.

Charlie Sheen inspires America by becoming a drunk wife beater.

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