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Charlie Sheen inspires America by becoming a drunk wife beater


charlie250Charlie Sheen can’t help hating the women he loves.

Unlike most people Charlie Sheen spent Christmas day brawling intoxicated with his equally intoxicated wife Brooke Mueller at a ski resort in Aspen, Colorado. What makes this domestic dispute incident compelling (sort of…) is the fact that you all grew up to Charlie Sheen lullabies and the fact that he is the highest gross paid TV actor starring in TV show called ‘Two and a half men,” which makes us wonder why Sheen makes all this dough when we’ve never heard of the show.
Despite the money, charm and success Charlie’s life is still hell and he can’t help spreading that hell from one woman to another whenever he comes across them. But that’s love for Charlie.
First it was Kelly Preston, and after she dumped him it became Denise Richards (again photogenic out of control knock outs that Charlie specializes in along with getting busted for narcotics possession and drink driving – notice a pattern here?) and now it’s bored housewife Brooke Mueller who has chosen to remain in Aspen (cause you have to understand she is having the time of her life…) while her hubby Charlie who was eventually released from the local barn yard after been made to cough up $8500 bail returned to LA without Brooke…
Whatever the case, they have promised America to love each other and attend alcoholic counseling and for Charlie to remain the hunk you have known him to be ever since you first laid eyes on him on your bedroom wall.
The reality of TV can never be matched by the reality of reality…


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