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Thomas Barbey: In the Grip of Illusions.


 Mary Nguyen and Emmanuel Fremin.


The fact that Barbey lives in Las Vegas seems oddly appropriate. His work mixes fantasy and real like a skilled illusionist. He causes one to think beyond the surface of the art being presented. One of his works entitled “Intrusive Art” came with a thought provoking caption.  It said,  “The power of the artist is that they have the ability to change reality. A true artist is essentially a magician. They take normal reality and translate it into an unexpected vision”. His work truly causes you to see things in a different light.

All and all Barbey’s work premiering at the Emmanuel Fremin Gallery translated into a great night. Subtly provocative, his work allows you to enter into his brain. As I was leaving, I asked Barbey what his inspiration was. He turned to me and said “Everything has to have a story. Everything… but I swear, I was born normal”. With that appropriate closing, I exited Barbey’s world.


Thomas Barbey and Scallywag.



  1. near to where we live here in sussex, we actualy have a white huge, horse chalked into the hill top!!when you drive by you can see it clearly!!

  2. very beautiful pictures, what a talented and gifted individual TOM is…he can sing, play the drums, do superb percussion..write songs!!!play guitar!!dance!!draw and paint?? write in three languages!!??what nexxt?i ask you??

  3. very beautul picture ,the horses seem as though they are covered in snow ,ready to stand up and gallop off!!!!
    ALL my best of british blessings

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