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Sean Parker the King of the Jetset Beatniks.


parker copyComing soon, to a cinema near you.

Once a beatnik always a beatnik? Not necessarily so it appears. It seems that Sean Parker, part mastermind and cofounder of the eponymous and in-your-face ‘Facebook’ is raising the collective bar for all beatniks worldwide by now becoming the uber-beatnik: the jet set beatnik.

Reports Gawker TV: music stud (but just another closet beatnik in our opinion) Justin Timberlake will be getting the chance to play the lovable and nuanced role of a beatnik who makes out good (after all, there was a time most beatniks were content to just stay home and cause havoc at your local college dorm and nearest saloon) in the upcoming screen adaption called- ‘The Social Network.’

That said, it’s probably fair to say that Parker has been his own rising star for a while and the fact that Hollywood is catching up and making a film about him isn’t exactly the type of sex appeal that Sean Parker needs on which to thrive. After all, he did help create Facebook (and sister socialite Napster) and you can all collectively hate him for turning your life into a virtual feeding frenzy, but our guess is you love him to death.

When Hollywood wants to make a film about you, be prepared because you might end up going from regular beatnik to jetset beatneck, unless you already happen to be one.

First Pic of Justin Timberlake as Facebook President
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