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Models vs Dot com Divas.



I remember a time when a model’s portfolio didn’t have a check out tab or prompt me for my credit card preference. With such a high turnover of attractive girl next door types with rampant dot com names, any ounce of mainstream shine is being milked for all it’s worth. Book deals, status, being sought after, and receiving a decent amount of cash seems to be the mentality of any model turned celebrity that is accepted in our self loathing society. It definitely pays to be beautiful, but at what cost and who really cares? Why be a supermodel when you can brand yourself and sell merchandise? The answer to that and many others depends more on who you ask and when. I’ve spoken with models who strip, worked with porn directors, and used to be prostitutes. Getting paid for being beautiful comes in all forms, if youre open to it and youre true to the sacrifices that come with the territory.

The modeling industry can be read like any E! True Hollywood Story, and GIA CARANGI was a great reference for Tila Tequila’s success. Karen Stephens became a best seller when she confessed her sins as a video vixen, and tore a hole in the hip hop industry for the things that are accepted but never discussed. LIL KIM gave it to us HARDCORE when it comes to getting money. Vida Guerra tattooed a lil devil when Maxim magazine made her an over night success. FLAVOR FLAV gave VH-1 a reason to give nicknames to every cute woman in the name of LOVE, and it looks like RAY J is taking a REAL CHANCE at love this time.

Can you name 5 High Fashion models? I can guarantee it’s easier to become famous for having a sex tape out (or having an ass bigger than your ego) than it is to be well known in the fashion community. Lately, getting put on has as much relevance as a casting couch does to getting hired. Would you rather pose nude for VOGUE Italia or pose nude for some guy over the internet for $50,000 (For most people the odds of VOGUE contacting you for an editorial photo shoot aren’t that practical). In light of the economic depression, and on top of being a “starving artist” working in the modeling industry, any sum of money is easier to conceive than pipe dreams of becoming a supermodel sensation. In current economic times, the convenience of booking a gig and getting paid to either have sex or pose nude online via webcam has become a lot more acceptable. In the end, vice saves!

Chris Jovan works in the Fashion industry as an independent consultant.



  1. I’m a working model turned new media producer who is attempting to do 100 jobs for $100.00. Proof that you can be photogenic, have worked for Avon and still mop floors.

    Modellign economics: I’m currently waiting on a medium cheque from an OJ company for a Canadian national commercial for $2 500 (not much considering teh level fo exposure!). I have been waiting for 2 months. To keep the wolf away from the door, I moonlight as a cleaning lady.

    So much for lifestyles of the rich and famous…

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