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Just Like Us: How the First Family Struggles with the Concept of Privacy, too.


obamathreatAnother chapter in the story of public figures being a little too, well, public with their private lives. This time, however, it’s not Lindsay and her Daddy. It’s an altogether unexpected newcomer to the scene: Barack Obama.

When little Malia Obama, just 11 years old, came home with a catastrophic 73 on a recent science test, not only did she have to deal with the standard childhood disappointment of having failed to meet parental expectations (she was said to have been “depressed” about it) but she also had to deal with being used as an example to the nation.

Presumably in an effort to “reach out” to the common man, the president shared the story of Malia’s distress with the heartening message that “even in our own household, with all the privileges and opportunities we have, there are times when the kids slack off.” Surely not! Children who don’t automatically choose studying over video games or television?

There’s nothing wrong with high expectations, but isn’t being placed at the front of the whole country wearing a metaphorical dunce cap a little much for an 11-year-old to deal with?

You’ve let the president down, you’ve let the country down, but worst of all you’ve let yourself down….

Should President Obama be telling us how his daughter does in school? – Times Online
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