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Woman behind bars after Facebook poke.


Picture 19The poke that broke the camel’s back.

Recently, a woman was taken into custody by police in response to the use of Facebook’s poke function. Blazing new trails in the area of Social Internet Stupidity, this marks the first arrest (we are pretty sure) based on a non-predatory use of the social networking site.

So what’s the backstory on this confusing cybersocietal development? Shannon Jackson, the woman who perpetrated the poke, was actually under a no-contact restraining order and the poke feature (if we are interpreting this right), when used in this situation, qualifies as a breach of that order. Jackson is facing “up to a year in prison and fine of $2,500” over her illegal facebook poke.

We are horrified for what this could mean for other areas of cyber society. Will tweeting become liable to be libel? Can blogging become abuse? Will linked-in conversations become evidence in big business trials? Our guess is as good as yours. Just watch yourself out there, the browsers have eyes.

Facebook Poke Results In Arrest