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The Mob is getting ready to make courtroom drama. Gangsters needed.


goodfellas7 copyWhen back stabbing, murder and conspiracy makes us salivate.

Out of the NY Post(Gutter) comes the salacious details of a fun, new day coming up in the courts. That is, one former mob boss spinning on a former mob boss and putting him in jail, while both fight for prosecution deals (always the deals…) that could steer themselves out of prison.

In play are the trusted thugs that you have come to love-

former Gambino boss John “Dapper Don” Gotti, who is vying to keep his ass from permanent detention and Sammy “Bull” Gravano (former thug and mob boss) as informant (star witness).

At stake is whether John Gotti can stay out of jail, as the Post reports Gotti is on trial for a fourth time in Manhattan federal court for racketeering charges and his involvement in five murders. The previous three trials ended in either a mistrial or hung jury.

In any event, it’s a mug’s game and in this rearranged universe where sleaze, harassment, and special deals go round and round the merry go round, it’s anyone’s guess how this will all turn out. But really, who cares about justice when you have a live bait spectacle churning?

Court room drama is always delicious, especially when double crossing and sleaze come into the picture, never mind the actual verdict.

Sammy Gravano may testify for Junior Gotti in racketeering, murder trial

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