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The Balloon Boy Saga Continues. No good.


US-When flying in a Balloon can make a country dizzy.

At first the fingers were on the panic buttons, the TV anchors were salivating and you and I were gesticulating. The question of the day had gone from being how does a balloon lift off with a 6 year old boy stuck in it to where had the 6 year old boy gone now?

With Airforce 1 on alert, and the world ready to give a book deal, it all turned out that Falcon, the delicious 6 year old boy having the time of his life, had been hiding out not in a balloon 3ooo feet up in the air but a cardboard box 30 feet from his front door. Yummy!

Mystified and horrified the world is now trying to understand how it all came to find itself at the center of an elaborate hoax- Was it planned? Did daddy have no real idea where dear Falcon was? Or was he hiding behind the box with Falcon too?

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