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Gucci Icon/Flash Sneaker After-Party at the Bowery Hotel

Story and Photos by Ricardo Garcia.

I have to say, Mischa Barton is a lot taller in person and either she doesn’t have a sense of humor or just didn’t quite like my friend’s charm.  Minor setbacks aside (assuming charming celebrities or not counts as a setback…) my demand was for fun and the action late Friday night was at the Bowery Hotel’s 2nd floor. Again, I sent myself on an alcoholic excursion to cover the scene (one day I promise to change my ways…)  I was forced to slam down vodka sodas and look for a story.  Gathering photos and various numbers (for the story of course- at least thats what I tell Scallywag) I moved my way to the pool table to win three challenges in a row.  Too bad I wasn’t playing for money.


As I moved back towards the fire pit room I noticed a very attractive crowd moving about exchanging cards, swapping Halloween party information, flirting with the opposite sex, dropping names and boasting about who they were and what they do…blah blah blah. For about twenty minutes one would have thought they were at a party up in the Hollywood Hills.  I met two music producers and one movie producer, but no one had money to tip the bartender…!!! And why was everyone really in Gucci?  Maybe they spent all their cash on the Gucci…