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Tyson Beckford – super model has a nervous breakdown because the bouncer wouldn’t let him in.


tyson-beckford-3When a supermodel can’t handle the bad news…


It seems Tyson Beckford, current super model du jour just about lost the plot when some idiot bouncer refused to recognize him and get on his knees and blow Tyson before escorting Tyson to his rightful place with other said VIP’s who by now must have been pissing themselves with laughter.

Eventually the broken male model was let in but didn’t realize he wasn’t been let in because he thought someone mean was picking on male supermodels and thus continued screaming at said imbecile said bouncer. As you all know by now picking on male supermodels is a no no and indicative of crass and unsavory leniency’s.

That said we have decided on Tyson’s behalf to write a quick letter that he should carry around at all stages of his life, especially when approaching VIP doormen. We think it will serve him well and avoid any further inconveniences.


Dear Mr. Doorman,

My name is Tyson, and I am a very famous good looking persons, oops I meant to say person (excusre the spellinf mistakes I’m mildly retarded – yu know being a supa model and all) and this is to let you know in advance that if you don’t give me some respek and let me oin now when I want in I will have a sissy fit na d possibly wet my pants.

Thank ye for ujndertstand me and maybe if ya good to me I will give yu a hug and a picture of me making out with Ralhp Lauren who discovered me one day when I was delivering pizza.

-yours very kindlky,


Sueper model of the weak.

Tyson Beckford blocked

  • Ghurron Briscoe

    This piece or short note on Mr. Tyson Beckford is a legend!

    Ghurron Briscoe