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Richard Fuld Lehman’s Ex CEO doesn’t like it when you dump on him.


richard-fuld-lehmanIf only people understood that Dick is still the world’s heaviest Wall St titan, even if it’s all in his head…


Coming in on the one year anniversary of the collapse of Lehman Brother’s, Reuters were able to catch up to Dick who was glad that the Reuter’s reporter had no gun (that’s right kids- if you make big bets and lose lots of money people will come after you) and let the reporter know that he’s tired of being dumped on but since he’s a tough guy he can handle it anyway (is that kind of the way Perez Hilton has to handle being called a sleazebag when he goes after children and old women?) .


Fuld who is forced to face the walls of restaurants as opposed to the front door when dining out has been a little edgy with the recent bad press (Dick consider this only slight bad press- we still think you are very smart and kind of hip but a douche bag for piling more money into bad trades and having the temerity to assume that we would bail you out when your double handed bets flunked). Aware that the one year anniversary when Lehman, the Investment bank he was CEO of failed and set off a world panic and rout in the financial markets is coming Sept 15 Dick has been keeping indoors lately.


Apart from keeping a low profile Dick has had to take a slight cut in his fabulous lifestyle- no longer chartering private jets, visiting gourmet designer stores but lucky for him he still has four palatial home to choose from.


What really bothers Dick is why the Fed and the government didn’t step up to the plate and rescue him. After all a big gambler should never really have to responsible for his actions, that’s only for the peons.


When a great banker goes down for the count it’s best he stay there for a very long time…

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