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Kelly Cutrone makes a dash with INA at NOLITA.


I had the privilege of conversing with INA, getting to find out more about her stores and how she got into this business. 

What sets apart this store from the other four locations you have in New York? 

Each store has its own unique characteristic to it, with pieces being reflective of the neighborhood and people living in that area

She articulated that this particular store is more trend-driven, reflecting the vibe of downtown New York. “It is the ideal place to shop for pieces from past seasons where you cannot find anywhere else.” 

The INA Women’s store which is nearby by in Soho, featured iconic pieces from the Sex and the City movie. That store has more original and classic clothing. For example, you can find a lot more vintage YSL and Chanel there


What inspired you to selling designer clothing? 

At the time I had an enormous collection of clothing I had accumulated from my 20 year experience in the fashion industry. I had the desire to sell off my collection and so I opened my first store 18 years ago on Thompson Street in Soho. The store became an immediate success which drove me to expand to other locations around New York City. It was really me being at the right place at the right time  

What are your favorite pieces in the store? 

In addition to selling designer pieces, I also sell my own label which includes my newest collection of Men’s button down shirts. They come in S, M, L, XL and sell for $105 retail value.  

What kind of clientele do you stores target?  

My clientele ranges from 15 years olds to 85 year olds. If 95 year olds could walk, they would be our shopping at our stores as well. It is all about finding good fashion, and my clients really enjoy every piece I sell.

The reason behind INA’s success is her ability to maintain personal relationships with Celebrities, Models and Fashion Editors who supply her with the finest collection of designer wear that she is able to sell. The clothes range from $75-$1,000, and you can find unique pieces at each and every location around New York City. If you have not already, I encourage you to visit INA’s stores to check out her collection. I am definitely a huge fan, and I cannot wait to scope out her collection at the location near where I live on the Upper East Side!


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