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Gordon Gekko has decided to come back this fall.


michael_douglasWhen greed is around the corner you make a sequel.


Could Oliver Stone really have forecast the greed and self destruction omnipresent on Wall st these days when he first made his 1987 classis- “Wall St?”

With his new sequel staring Michael Douglas playing the role of Gordon Gekko as a hustler just released from jail looking for that one more chance (hustle) Oliver Stone has chosen to stage Gekko in the make believe world of Bear Stern’s demise, except the demise as we all know by now wasn’t staged.

Inspired by the vacuousness and revolving greed on Wall st Oliver Stone has decided to examine the phenomena that has come to define the American corporate character- profit, the hustle and leveraged schemes that they hope you will leverage alongside them.

And what about Michael Douglas? He reflects that he finds it absurd that as an actor he has inspired legions of young men to go out there to be just as capricious and greedy as the role he portrayed. Of course Michael is being modest because he doesn’t like to reveal that was all inevitable on account of him being a brilliant actor and all…

In a land full of milk and honey and get rich(bankrupt) persona we think Oliver Stone has hit on something.

Indeed “Greed is Good,” and “Money never sleep,” even for a film maker…

Greed Is Bad, Gekko. So Is a Meltdown.

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