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Javier Gomez- ‘Sensual Nature.’



Waiters walked around with trays filled with lamb lollipops, crab cakes, carpaccio, blue cheese quiches, you name it. Appreciating the food a little bit too much, I looked around. Men in notable looking suits and women in tight form-fitting dresses were all sipping prosecco and wine, enjoying the sudden gust of wind. The breeze-filled air was also overflowing with laughter and clinking of glasses – it was insanely zen (interesting tidbit: Gomez is a Buddhist and has a background in party planning – I think he’s too good at what he does).  

The biggest drama of the night was when the elevator at the venue broke and trapped a few of the guests inside. Along came the flashing red lights with the insane siren to free those elevator prisoners. (finally flashing lights…)But even this small hiccup didn’t disturb the peace – I couldn’t even figure out who the people were that were stuck in the elevator. I would have thrown a fuss and told my story more dramatically the next time, but all I saw were smiles.  

As Gomez stated in his pamphlet, “I hope my work serves as a mirror for people and as a reminder that we are all connected.” And through the liquor, the food, the night air, the people and Javier, we were all undeniably connected in mutually appreciating this great event, half crazed traders aside…

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Sonia Anand and Jenifer Song.




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