Photography by Kelly Poston.

“The Real Water World”

Barcelona was the epitome of a private East Coast water party and the best bash I have witnessed all summer. Hampton’s elite forwent predictable fancy events, boarded yachts and shipped off to an undisclosed location for some ‘good, clean Sunday fun.’ Not even the weather forecast, predicting thunder and lightening storms, could deter at least five thousand down-to-earth partygoers from flocking to this year’s destination, Cedar Point, for the sixteenth annual ‘Barcelona Point Boat Party’. Words cannot even give this floating festival justice that Sean Scanlon hosts the first weekend in August; it was over the top and a sight to be seen. Countless comical characters made hilarious entrances on a their water toy of choice; boats, canoes, kayaks, floaties, surfboards, lifejackets, and even motorized tubes…nothing was illegal at this exceedingly entertaining celebration. Well almost nothing…

Anything that could float was welcome, providing a huge challenge for the majority of wishful attendees, yet the event offered a refreshing angle of exclusivity. Women in string bikinis jumped freely into chilly water for beer, danced atop boats of all sizes, slid down slides…of course giddy men watched it all, applauding approvingly by shooting water guns into the air like frizzy fire works. Word of mouth was the only way to ‘make it’ on this guest list, and those lucky ones found themselves in what turned out to be the happiest place in all of the Hamptons. Beer-guzzling guests were delightfully serenaded by multiple local bands from Long Island who played harmonicas and banjos and sang their hearts out with favorite tunes from The Doors, Johnny Cash, and James Brown…all from a floating wooden barge. As one groupie yelled while shaking her bootie from the two story shack, ‘Its Rock and Roll on the water, baby.’


Smiles were contagious and everywhere friendly people were enthusiastically throwing fellow partiers a beer without hesitation. It was a freeing sensation to be off land among a group of obviously successful, yet ‘real’ people. As nicely put by a passing floater ‘This party has it all!’ Much better than attending another stuffy event promoting another “Something Special” that usually tends to dilute the joy that should be experienced over a weekend. Intelligent, lighthearted guests were impressively motivated, finding ‘prop worthy’ inventive ways to drink; floating beer bongs and wine glasses nailed to surf boards. Even beers had their own customized floats; all to avoid the tragedy of a drink drowning.

Smart, ‘big time’ players took their dingy off the yacht and then propelled effortlessly through a countless sea of boats, cruising directly to the front row for a truly authentic experience at this ‘Water Mardi Gras.’ After throwing in the anchor, they swam through the crowd, into a huge cluster of characters watching the bands play on stage. Admittedly, there were many struggling swimmers who gave admirable efforts at doggie-paddling; yet again, people were very kind and would offer these strugglers a quick break on their surfboard or huge floating Cabana.

Unfortunately, typical of any wonderful event, a few sad incidents did occur. Despite the undeniable presence of the surrounding police on boats, it was most shocking to be a firsthand witness to a quickly sinking boat. Perplexed owners, along with their hazed guests, were frantically shoveling out water from their boat with buckets for at least two hours. An innocent young girl, who overindulged in fun via alcohol, toppled over on her surfboard. On a positive note, the boat did not sink and two kayaking men saved the girl, safely paddling her to meet a friend at the barge.

Barcelona provided the perfect excuse to party on Sunday and was attended by a crowd who did not need to take themselves seriously. It was about time, for the summer is winding down, and a change from the exhaustingly cheesy guys and cougars (who are always on a mission) was a welcome respite. The best part was that everyone was with his or her ‘prized trophy’. The free spirits partied all day long listening to live music aboard yachts…it was a good time, despite the minor illegalities…

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Kelly Poston.



  1. I have the Octopus. It ended up in my boat. Who is the rightful owner of this? It’s safe in Sag Harbor. If it’s not claimed it will reappear next year.

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