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Sarah Palin decides not to bother you anymore by choosing to resign immediately as governor of Alaska.


sarah_palin_makeupWhich politician are we going to make fun of in the terrible north east now? A dilemma unfolds…

She was only around for a few months but in those few short months our girl ‘Sarah’ was able to ferment in non ambiguous terms the bilateral vitriol present between the heathen that live in the North East corridor of America and the anointed ones who lived approximately away from Kentucky Fried chicken in downtown Harlem and Washington Dc.

From disarray and continual faux pas, pregnant teenage children, ungrateful son in laws, a very confused anchor reporter Katie Couric and unrepentant David Letterman the queen of ‘hard core Republican mythology and faux pas’ will now be leaving center stage.

Of course just like us you’re probably wondering why now, after all the umpteenth zaniness she had been through one more would have only perversely resurrected her career.

Alas ‘Sarah,’ has decided to go and the dilemma in the North eastern corridor of the US now begins-‘which new politician will we be making fun of now?’

Adventures in breezy clean Alaska and the tainted halls of North eastern America- “I QUIT DARN IT!!!”

Sarah Palin a Quitter? You Betcha!

  • yuvie

    ain’t that funny she needs to RESIGN in order to run for a presidential election in 2010

  • jenny

    Yes because she’s running for president in 2012!LMAO