Savoring BBC’s at infamous Cyrils Fish House, dancing to live music at Montauk’s Surf Lodge, or lunching at Espressos, an adorable Italian Market & Grill innocently tucked away in the historical whaling town, Sag Harbor (established in 1840’s), or low-key Sundays sunbathing at Capri Inn’s Day and Night is the ‘real deal’. Far superior to spending hard earned cash amongst pretentious posers or hungry Hampton cougars ready to pounce on anyone sporting a Rolex and Bentley. The essence in the Hamptons is easy and pure; throwing on the first thing you see and slowly meandering to a local shack for fresh lobster rolls or whatever catches one’s fancy while embracing joyous thrills of a simple life. Peace and quiet immediately rejuvenates overworked bodies from an over stimulated society. The Hamptons not only provides unique utopias that cater to everyone and any personality but sooths the soul with heartwarming ambiance.

Those who ‘get it’ in the Hamptons are fancy free of unnecessary confusions from the outside world, actively participating in surfing, kayaking, bicycling, or even enjoying the art of doing nothing while gazing over one of the many picturesque vineyards. Quality living in the Hamptons is at its best when few words are spoken, cocktails are a give in, and nature lovers breathe in the beauty that surrounds them…where wardrobes only consist of a string bikini. Spontaneously taking risks, such as jumping on the back of a Harley with a pack of fifteen New York cops called ‘Tormented Souls’ for a memorable movie worthy moment is living life to its fullest. Where else could you ride alongside the ocean with such courageous free spirits?


Mercedes Benz Polo, on the other hand, completely contradicts this picture and is the ultimate fantasy to many Hamptonites. As comically stated from an undisclosed source, the first match to a nontraditional sport in our country, ‘it was the end of society as we know it’ referring to excessive attention given to those celebrities who thrust themselves into the spotlight, photographers all over them, not caring to make one iota of difference in society, just focusing on getting their picture published. It is also a glorified idea that recognized people, called ‘stars’ flock to such a highbrow event…not so much. Instead they found entertainment in small private catered parties with friends, smartly avoiding the cattle crowd where people awkwardly faced everyone they had ever met in New York by reacquainting themselves with no common point of reference.

At the end of the day, we are in control of making our lives as fabulous as we want…refocusing on ourselves and not fantasizing about others glorified in the spotlight. Cheers to those who understand and appreciate the beauty of relaxing beneath a sea of beautiful stars and drifting off into a most peaceful sleep, hopefully with an adorning snuggle partner. Smile, laugh, and wish upon a star for that next special moment; you can make it happen tonight if you open your heart. When you ‘get it, you get it.’





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