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Jesse Ventura – does he look better without the handle bar moustache and the pink cape?


jesse-venturaWhen a former wrestler wrestles with right wing pundits on Fox TV and amuses us.

Love him, hate him, one has to respect the tenacity of ‘Jesse’ as he went on the air and tried to elucidate for us why ‘big’ government is bad, why concrete shouldn’t pulverize because 9/11 was an inside job and how ‘confused and hurt’ he is that the white house doesn’t give answers away but nevertheless because he was in government he thinks he’s onto something.

At one point we are waiting for a back flip or a pink cape to come out but are summarily amused by this former wrestler in his attempts to pin an enemy that no matter how good you think you are you will never pin down- ‘ignorance’ and the whole anchor team of FOX news.

Jesse next time you go on their show be sure to wear a pink cape and let the hair around your bald patch really grow past your ankles.

The fun things former governors and wrestlers attempt to do from time to time…

If only your cartoons could be as interesting…

Jesse Ventura on Fox & Friends

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  • apparatchik

    Jesse Ventura rocks… that man would make a better president than Obama.