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Janice MIN: US Weekly Editor in Chief wants to resign, but who will write about the trash you crave?


janice-min-us-weeklyWhen media players can no longer even stand themselves.

We learn this morning from preeminent king of trash news NYPost (whom you all know we secretly love) that power broker and trash collector herself Janice Min has decided she wants out from the industry.

Happy to have made her millions peddling the disasters of celebrities and comparing bikini sizes and plastic surgery scars (pre and post operations) MIN who has been struggling to keep the behemoth trash collector fluffy and meeting its sale targets has decided that perhaps sanity and the life of herself as opposed to those make believe creatures she follows may actually make more sense to follow.

In any event we wish MIN well, but there’s a part of us that wonders if she’s just holding out for a bigger deal or just waiting for Nick Denton (the preeminent king of sleaze and gossip himself courtesy of Gawker) may come after her.

Really who cares, there’s enough trash out there, and unfortunately none of us can fit enough of it in our collective kitchen draw.

The fun things that clearly get us off…


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