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How did Dash Snow become the resident media martyr?


how-did-dash-snow-become-thFrom Gawker to Nymag we’ve been reading about how wonderful ‘our’ boy Dash was. How much he lived a ‘pained’ life while detoxing in St Barts, that he didn’t choose his influential and well powered family (the same way a blue collar son doesn’t choose his blue collar father…) and how his semen splattered art was ground breaking and that he was destined to produce more stellar work.

The truth is we really don’t care how brilliant, photogenic or funny Dash ever was, we only cared about seeing him get on with the job.

We all live traumatized conflicted existences, it’s called the human condition. There are many ways to navigate that terrain. One can make money, make good government, wonderful inventions and also wonderful art.

For a while Damon chose the latter, and then he coped out – and frankly we’re pissed he did. Real pissed ‘cause we liked him, but we aren’t going to make into a matyr.

Let’s give some love and credit to those of us who are still hanging and pushing the envelope. Being a ‘druggie’ no matter how talented you are wears thin after a while.

Dash – we still wish you were with us, but we refuse to make you our next Michael Jackson matyr!

Dash Snow Seemed Happy and Healthy in Weeks Leading Up to Death, Say Shocked Friends

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  • Nobody fantastic


  • Marla Singh

    wondering what it would have been like to bone the living MJ

  • Nobody fantastic

    My point being- YOU SHOULD KNOW BETTER.
    How would you feel if a friend of yours died and then saw their corpse dragged through the mud for good measure? Pretty shitty, sad, and pissed I’m sure.
    And nothing you have said is based on actually knowing the person or spending any actual quality time with them. It’s based on what? A article in New York …

  • It seems to me that Nobody Fantastic has a crush on me.

    By the way NF – a ‘parasite’ as u call it in the strictest definition is when a creature lives on a host without reciprocating.

    At least I offer a critique, you on the other hand just spit vitriol….

  • Nobody fantastic

    That’s your dissection? Really insightful, shit stain. Your vomit pile of a blog/web site/cultural critique wouldn’t exist if it wasn’t for people like him, you parasite. His name was Dashiell, BTW numb nuts.
    You can’t even suck blood right you terrible waste of air.