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Chad Johnson- The new breed of Sporty Hot Tweeter.


johnson_chadss_fullWhy jocks want to be loved just as much by you too…

And you thoughts sports were dead or really meant what young socialites do on weekends at rooftop pools. Athletics are now getting as hip as their celebrity counterparts. As if there were not already enough famous, pretty and well paid people on Twitter, big news for today showed top athletes are also hopping on the mother tweet. Though we would like to think that it is just their sports fans following (really, why wait for the 24/7 ESPN to broadcast the same stats instantaneously on one of their twenty all access channels or tweet it @espn,) the hot factor cannot be denied…especially when combined with their chosen items to twit (or is it tweet?) Perhaps this is just the marriage of visual stimulation and semi-substance muddled with celebrity feel that we need for the extra hours of summer day light.

So I know nothing about sports…but I do know a lot about eye candy. Chad O. is beautiful, Amanda B. works it, Tanith is ice princess cute, Erica is way prettier to watch than Tiger and at this rate… with twitter letting us into their lives, they will soon be our best friends forever like Ashton and Demi. Yet again the lines of celebrity, talent or lack there of, appearance and reach-ability or familiarity are blurred.

Here are some of our favorites listed by name, sport, & tweet description…so you can see debate the life and times of being a pro-athlete or celebrity-athlete or shall we say athletic good looking person? We think that sporty bunch are taking notes from and along side celebrity. Could there be some scandalous tweets from these sweating and ripped bodies to come? Guess following sports got old. We might tweet that.

Chad Ochocinco, NFL, “I’m my own biggest fan.”

Amanda Beard, Swimmer, “Don’t you love it when you wake up in the morning and already feel wiped out for the day, ugh”

Shawn White¸ Skateboarding & Snowboarding, “My new line for Target is looking great! Can’t wait to hit the town tonight in NYC with the crew!”

Tanith Belbin, Figure Skater, “pics from spring shoot up on our site. Don’t be alarmed! I think they photoshopped about 20lbs off me!”

Erica Blasberg, Golf¸ “Vegas baby!!!!!! :)”



  1. I couldn’t handle the way that article was written, in addition to the terrible tough-to-read font choice, and bailed after the first three sentences.

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