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The Intrigue of Brunch.



An important thought to leave you with considering Brunch is that in our current time of spending less on entertaining out with dinner parties or taking that date to a lovely restaurant for an evening of good food, both of which are being cut out as people steady budgets and ditch excess. Brunch is less formal, less expensive than a dinner party and seemingly flexible to adhere to most schedules (especially when balancing that second job you picked up when all your stocks took a nose dive.) Thus leaving Brunch as a perfect option to keep you the social bug you know you are. It also is still a cheery option for Mother’s Day and graduations or any event that will take place in the morning hours and requires a combination of breakfast and lunch to make up for time lost. Brunch can save you time and money while keeping those around you satisfied.

A few tips to get you through include not picking the Brunch hot spots that everyone and their ten best friends will be dining in. Look for less hopping places that do make you feel like you can linger. Many a time I have been rushed off as my table was being waited for or completely ignored by a lack of staff to cater to the masses that came in search of Brunch. Cooking this meal at home remains my favorite way to make myself and Brunch smile. Time, day and menu are all in your own hands and there will always be an open seat with an endless pot of coffee or tea. Nothing like being able to really melt into the luxury of Brunch by not having to put clothes on or even eat at a table. So why not buy some smoked salmon, pick up some great bagels on your way home and plan your own lavish meal in the comfort of home. Dining solo or with a crew is up to you, though I make it perfectly clear the real perk is in the noted lack of proper clothing.

Barefoot and smiling eating local farm eggs over easy and sipping my spiked coffee from my own kitchen as we speak, I leave Brunch for you to take or leave. Even if you drop it like a blind date gone terribly wrong, do not feel bad. For every Brunch hater, there will be yet another Brunch lover who is willing to pick up where you left off, take a few revamped sloppy seconds and raise a glass over Belgium waffles again. Check, please.