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Pressure; “I don’t love you – just the way you are…”


billy_joelWhat’s a super star to do when he can’t hold onto the young and the beautiful

Take a good look at the above photo. We sure did, and we think there’s something very wrong here. Notice how Billy is holding onto his trophy wife, notice how she’s 5 inches taller than him and also notice that he looks like he’s her uncle? Let’s not even talk about the fact, (but we might as well ) how she looks like a goddess and Billy, well, he let’s admit it he looks like one of those guys one extras you so often see playing alien parts in sci films

Well what are we to make of the break up, another crushing defeat for Billy who has a penchant for going out witjh glossie beauties? Well that money can’t buy love., for starters. Sure we think she liked him and loves his music (we all do) but sometimes it kind of makes sense when people get involved with people who sort of both look similarly attractive, are similarly in the same age bracket (33 years age difference is pushing it Uncle Billy) and both have their feet on the same level playing field

Our advice to Billy, next time the woman (who can be up to 16 years your junior) don’t ignore her this time, she might be more your match even if you like the rest of us are so hood winked by the allure of perpetual beauty and youth

So much for an uptown girl


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