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Socialite mogul Kristian Laliberte tells us how you too can now become famous…


man_sunglassesAccording to rude boy Laliberte there’s a new way in cyber land that you can make your mark. Of course it helps if you’re already famous, gorgeous and even have once interned for this bad boy…

It seems fame, beauty and social prowess can take you to the next level, never mind if no one as of yet has picked up your webi sode series –‘Under the Arch,’ about a bunch of gregarious NYU students on the fly (and we have to assume photogenic ), with Amy Sacco of Bungalow 8 being the potential co host/star even if she doesn’t know it yet…

Really, we wonder…Personally if you ask this Scallywag the show would be picked up in a heart beat if only Kristian could assuage himself the featuring cameo, but maybe now he will.

Amy Sacco Hosts Under the Arch

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  1. After reading this piece. I ponder what to utter, and the only thing that came to mind was David Bowies song FAME. Thanks again Scallywag and Vagabond team.


  2. I love your blog, BK Fashion Weekend was a hit and i was apart of the PR team for many of the venues and designers. Check my blog out and show me a little love:)

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