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High Cheekbones only at the National Arts Council.



Whether by design or scheming dogma the wonderful Andrea Tese brought a certain panache to Monday night’s young innovative awards (which she coincidentally won) at the National Arts Council. Standing in front of her daring pictures and equally daring crowd one had to wonder for a moment whether we were all somehow participating in a photo shoot with Ms. Tese waiting for the perfect moment to pull the trigger

The boys and girls were primed just shy of media (as opposed to medium) rare, some sporting cleavage, others too high cheekbones (the nerve!), others perfect aquiline noses and the rest of us a perfect regard for silly banter and the desire to arch our backs once the camera came whizzing past- this is society after all. (let’s not even go their perfect resumes…) With overflowing champagne and wonderful revelry in tow the merry audience came to lend their affectation and regard for one of their own.


Finally coming across Ms. Tese I was able to posit a series of questions-

SCV: So I’m curious how do you go about creating your work?

AT: It’s usually informed by the girl that I’m working with.

SCV: Meaning?

AT: Well take Lolita, she reminded me of this young innocent girl. So I decided to take her to Coney Island, which we used as a backdrop for a young ingénue feeling.

SCV: Your work comes off as a high fashion shoot, is that on purpose?

AT: It’s not necessarily the intent, I’m very interested by the subject themselves, and degrees of subtlety. I like to consider myself a fine art photographer foremost intrigued by the dynamism that comes with young women and engaging environments.

SCV: Whom have you managed to work for of late?

AT: I’ve been fortunate to have my work appear in T: The New York Times’ Style Magazine, RG Brazilian Vogue, and Harper’s Bazaar Russia.

SCV: I’m curious what’s your next project?

AT: I’m off to Sicily, Italy to photograph members of my family that I have yet to meet in their natural habitat. I’ll be gone for two weeks.

With that, Ms. Tese was then momentarily plucked onto the main stage where she was awarded the gold medal by the NAC’s fashion committee’s Chrishaunda Lee and the NAC’s president Alden James (in front of many dignitaries- Domminick Dunne and ex Governor General Mario Cuomo not to mention a flotilla of high brow fashion editors)

As she stood there the honored girl of the moment I could only think while the cameras where furiously flicking at her she really desired to be the one flicking the camera at us. One can only suspect that Ms. Tese will be doing so in due course

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