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Glamour Boy Andrew Levitas gives you Mean Painting.

Photo by Benjamin Pasteur.Andrew Levitas at Monday night's Philips Auction House preview.

Glamour Boys are generally to be found in front of the screen or smoking European cigarettes at low key locales that you can never get in. Of course this weekend this glam lad went for the jugular when he exhibited at the eponymous Dactyl Gallery at 64 Grand.

Reserved for the likes of super model Helena Christenson, art stalwart –Judy Glantzman, Andrew Levita’s latest exhibit showing at the Dactyl Gallery really wowed the high profile audience in attendance this Saturday night. Curated by Neil Grayson Levitas evoked a range of emotions as he sought to bring out the juxtaposition of the wild and man made world of steel.

Incorporating an alternative mix of canvas and steel plates Levitas explores the diabolical, the flurry of an African landscape replete with charging buffalo, tranquil lions, wild monkeys holding the caged carcass remains of another monkey. Using a fusion of synthesized photos, burn and chemical techniques the images are superimposed on long grainy silver plates. Standing there one is forced to be aware of one’s own diabolical nature, or perhaps as Levitas intimated his own.

“I’m a very private person. I like to keep things to myself.”

“Except when you get in front of the camera?”

“Yeah, well I get to explore everything. “


Alternating between the enticing steel visual images are canvas images of rapid color flurries reminiscent of a collective emotional brooding and that of nature at large. Marrying branch, leaves, sticks and twisted twigs as well as steel objects the canvas paintings also point to a deep rooted contemplation of the dichotomy between one’s own nature and that of nature itself.

Leaving the scene one was in wonder as the apparent star of past Tv shows- ‘Nanny”and “Party of Five,” stood in rapid fire poses for the Patrick McMullan photo battalion, high cheek bones set while the lions in the background looked languorously on…

A true talent and contemplative force to be reckoned with. Congratulations Mr. Levitas.

Photo Gallery

Dactyl Gallery– 64 Grand st, NYC.



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