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Say ‘Cheese’- Glitterati Pop-up Shop Explores Our Identities. 

Photography by Ghurron Briscoe.


Tuesday night, artists, musicians, supporters, and friends gathered at Rush Arts Gallery on West 26th to take part in Glitterati Magazine Nicholas Fahey’s “Your Portrait Project.” Interestingly enough, the art goers also seemed to have an underlying anchor – Facebook.

Ankle booties, leggings in shades of purple, leopard-print, and gray, oversized Marc Jacob bags, boutique and vintage thrift store finds were among the trends of the evening. MGMT Electric Feel, endless white walls, and designer Carlos Sandoval de Leon’s integration of wood chipped board, set the tone for a raw space available for a natural evolution in the Arts.

What’s going on in here?

Nicole Dungao, Nicholas’s assistant, replied “Its an interactive installation.”


“Nicholas shoots, I print, you write, we post, and in the end it goes online. You have all the basic components of bringing people together.”

What kind of Printer?

“ HP – all in one.”

“Are you here for your portrait?”


A snap of a flashbulb, a few quick clicks later, I was seeing stars or maybe I just momentarily felt like one.


Nicholas briefed us. He explained that this was his first portrait performance in a gallery. Nico Wheadon, Associate Curator at Rush Arts, had discussed with Nicholas that it was such a shame the gallery was not being utilized in the time between curated shows. Your Portrait Project was a perfect one-night installation for the space. Earlier pop-up shoots, spanning from LA, San Fran, and NYC, have taken place in bars, private parties, and dance clubs. When shooting in these locations, he found that people are in environments that allow them to be comfortable and who they really are.



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  2. This sounds like it was an Awesome show! bravo to the photographer and author. It made me feel like i was there. Although I just attended my first Rush Gallery exhibit this week. It was for the fall fashion look book “Night Stalkers” for designer Brian Wood. I will definitely keep up to date on these cultural art events. Thanks Scallywagandvagabond


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