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A night out with Bergdorf Goodman. Bonne travaillez Joseph Scheer.

Photography by Mark Reay.

The real question of course was had one come to observe the magnificent work of Joseph Scheer or rather the beautiful people morphing on cool cucumber gin cocktails, the lilac dresses on display or just the wonderful banter that was in overwhelming display this past Thursday night?

As we walked onto the third floor we were both surprised and delighted by the large moth illustrations and photographs circulating the periphery of both the floor and the promenade window display downstairs. Playing a prank on the security downstairs we had insisted we had come (the five of us) to acquire stockings for our sister. The truth of course was we had come to acquire a sense of Mr. Scheer himself, and then our sister’s stockings…


Unable to find our preferred colored stockings, and by now completely engrossed by the work of Mr. Scheer (and the effects of a few drinks undoubtedly…) we gingerly approached Mr. Scheer (who too appeared to be having a magnificent time) for his thoughts on his art.

SCV: Tell us about your inspirations.

JS: I think what intrigued me about this project was the way moths are perceived in our society. For all intensive purposes they are perceived as nuisances of the night. Yet really when you get down to discover it, you realize the moths are really a beautiful creature that is misunderstood, and this is what I wanted to capture. The elegance, the lightness, the beauty and the metaphor of beauty.

SCV: I see, that’s rather profound.

JS: Who did you say you were?

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  • rebecca richard

    i would never have taken it.