Home Fashion Soucha Couture- a stand out from Egypt.

Soucha Couture- a stand out from Egypt.



Photography by Seana Cavanagh.

What do you get when you combine a medieval theatrical sensibility, shear chiffon silk, burlesque sensibility and a cadence redolent of a party circa 1930’s Jazz Berlin Era? You get Soucha couture, which played to a packed house delight at the Waldorf Astoria this past Friday night.

_skc0126021509Pouncing the runway were ethereal figures shrouded in black lace, ruffles attuned to mini hot pants (which we’ve been seeing over and over this season) and the medley of Edith Piath’s “La vien en Rose’ in the background.  One of our favorite and indeed intriguing (and definitely very brave choice) was the attachment of a handbag to the extension of the dress (sewn on meticulously).

We watched as the girls (unfed for the last 6 weeks it seems) floated in emerald colored chamois wings and the vortex of their dresses spiraling into their knees. We did wonder for a second if this impeded movement or justified the act of willful flying. An intriguing show and a feat in bravery.


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