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We Like Socialites, especially the Eccentric ones. A Night out at the National Arts Council.

Andrew and Andrew, with Lauren in the foreground.

There usually comes a time in every aspiring socialite or actual socialite’s life that they are just lost for words. To actually show a loss for words would be an obvious faux pas for any aspiring socialite or actual socialite. In the past gun duels or long letters would have sufficed, but in our highly connected world today one needn’t expose themselves to such short comings. That said, at last night’s National Arts Council I dared one of our writers Lauren to do what even I considered the impossible. That’s right, make sense of the iconic Andrew and Andrew and not be caught for a loss of words. Let’s see how she did…-Scallywag.

SCV: What’s going on here? Why are you wearing the same clothes?

Twin 1: We match everything that we do.

Twin 2 : Yes that’s right. We match everything that we do.

SCV: What do you do?

Twin 1: We write reviews. For magazines. Blackbook, ID..

Twin 2: We wrote a really well-received book it was a sequel to Moby Dick.

SCV: Really. That’s awesome. And what was the title.

Andrew 2: Uh Moby Dick 2.0

SCV: So what are you names first of all?

Twin 1: Andrew

Twin 2: And Andrew

SCV: Andrew and Andrew? Do you have last names, Andrews?

Andrew 1 and 2 simultaneously: No

SCV: Ok so Andrew and Andrew, I heard you’re writing a book on 9.11 jokes?

Andrew 1: Well, we’re writing and curating. Really, it’s anthropological.

Andrew 2: It’s been out there for a while. People have been exorcising their demons.

Andrew 1: And we’re just collecting all those demons in one big bottle.

Andrew 2: We also review radio and opera. We do theater reviews.

SCV: Together? Always?

Andrew 1 and 2 simultaneously: Always

SCV: So does it cost more to dress in pairs?

Andrew 1: No it costs less. Two for one sales!

SCV: So tell me a 911 joke.

Andrew 2: You know there was a school in the twin towers?

Andrew 1: Oh yeah there was a school it taught science.

Andrew 2: But now it teaches history

You can almost hear the drumbeats not thumping.

For more astonishment we encourage you to visit them on their website;

Photography by Sameeh Alderazi.




  1. Oh how I love A&A. I remember how they mediated a fight between my best friend and I way back at their old APT party in 2002. Those two are MAGIC.

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