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This New Year’s Eve you’ll be smashed. Then again so will we.


As we approach the countdown to the new year we here at Scallywag and Vagabond are watching with giddy delight as the town goes to party. We’re wondering who’s going to misbehave, who is going to go home with the wrong (or correct) underwear, who’s going to end up spending an extended weekend in the tombs (jargon for police cell) and who’s going to wish life would just end come January 2nd. It all promises to be fun, scandalous, irreverent and dare we surmise another notch on your debauchery scale. That said, follow us the next few days as we bring you all the high lights, the stains, the blocked noses, the missing house keys, the new house guests (who still haven’t left) and what this could all possibly mean as you fumble towards another year of being glamorous, adulterous, curious and the talk of town…for more reasons than one we hope.

As we will be chasing the flaunters, the connivers, the promoters, the dancers, the cab drivers will be secretly wondering some questions. What inspires us at this time of year to go such delightful debauchery, be willing to crawl on fifth avenue in our vomit as the taxi whizzes by, willing to dress to the nines just to raise a toast to someone who all year long we couldn’t stand.

Will also be wondering why we even bother to make new years resolutions, what’s really behind the bravado (the grog?), the desire and the allure that a new deemed time period should inspire us suddenly to change the way we act and conduct our lives.

We’ll be harassing guests, celebrities, glamour boys and girls and getting them to tell us about some of the wonderful things they were able to achieve this year and of course all the horrible things they did (I know how dare we…?)

It does all portend to be a lovely new year’s celebration, adventures, horrors and scandal aside and we think we can bring some degree of mischief and delight into your lives as much as you have begun to bring into ours. In any event we hope to see you out, and if you come across some scallywag, somewhere near or around fifth avenue gazing incandescently at the stars, please do us the courtesy and let him suffer in silence.

We look forward to seeing you back to our site rather soon, mishaps aside.



  1. Good Morning my new Scallywag friend!
    I think the hang over says it all.

    Please send my thanks to Sammy for the burn scar.

    Haha, just kidding. He actually told me to say, “It was love at first sight” and then he would remember who I am. (But he might not remember telling me that.)
    Last night was a blast – so fun meeting the three of you! Keep in touch and let’s hang again soon! Maybe brunch? Or another late night Scallywag adventure would be ok too..

    Your graph paper pal.


    Scallywag, My Wish for You in 2009

    May peace break into your house and may thieves come to steal your debts.
    May the pockets of your jeans become a magnet of $100 bills. May love stick to your face like Vaseline and may laughter assault your lips! May your clothes smell of success like smoking tires and may happiness slap you across the face and may your tears be that of joy. May the problems you had forget your
    home address! In simple words . . .

    May 2009 be the best year of your life!!!


  3. I am salivating at the thought of misbehaving scallywag…I just hope you do me justice when you point the camera at me later tonight.

    You are taking photo of me right? On second thoughts maybe you shouldn’t …I never really like the way I look when I’m making out!

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