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This Holiday Season you’ll be Smashed.


Once again it’s this time of year that we are compelled to distinguish ourselves as troopers to our families, friends, co workers, employers, accounts, prospects, girlfriends, boyfriends, spouses, readers and what not if they ask us to join them for a drink, a peep show, a jewelry heist, a dabble of the illicit, a sojourn at Tiffany’s, a diatribe at the gourmet dinner table, a trip to the North pole, we oblige them. But by obliging them so often we are really obliging ourselves.

Going forward we here at SCV want to continue setting the bar, the height of your Christmas tree, the height of your nose bleed, the scent of your acumen, the allure of your swagger, the intrigue of your ideal, the deftness and the insiders sly awareness of what flies, where it flies, and how it flies, with you comfortably accommodated in the preferred part of the jet, the cock pit of course

As you fly with us be prepared to be marveled, intrigued, possibly (most probably…) intoxicated, charmed, elucidated, comforted and occasionally thrown to the floor when we press the accelerator, thrown but laughing like a love sick child as the big loop comes back for a second, third, and you get the drift zillionth round. Comes round because what goes round isn’t the head spin (don’t worry that’s there too) but the amazing sense of enlightenment and thrashing to your laughing bone and that part of you that sometimes wonders what it’s all about.

In this months ascent to the north pole we will be once again be covering the scene, the unadulterated one of course and the whim and mercy of a ravaged high society.

Expect to be engaged by our newest rude boy writer Arkady Petrovich as he solicits the illicit, the nooks and crannies of your Manolos, the rolled dollar bills, the maestro of hotel abominations, the flying carviar, the private parties, the sex toys that only you and him will ever know about.

Not to be undone is our newest writer for Scallywag, Lauren Goldstein who sets off to a steady beat, and a hilarious retreat, talk to her as she talks to you, but watch out, as she tells us, how and what you want to say may not always be so correct, well politically correct, but who cares, not you, until you do.

Also watch out as she explores the sojourn of trophy wives, and how all you girls can become trophies without having to get caught in the act, of course we here at SCV don’t care about trophies, just the chinks on the trophies…..as if you already didn’t know.

How about yours truly, aka Scallywag, well he’ll be flying off to ART BASIL MIAMI to explore the celestial platitudes, the cerebral and creative vissectitudes, and of course all the whim and sleaze (I know isn’t life terrible…..?) that one is bound to find when you cross an art dealer, a Swiss patron, a runaway rock star, and a starving sculptor, and yes we’ll have our camera trained on the paparrazi that we so much have come to adore.

Of course one needn’t threat, as Jerry, see picture below (I know…..we feel the same way about him too!) our managing editor makes sure that yours truly behaves himself, after all I have been warned that I will be violently struck if I get out of line, but mind you between you and me he’s also inclined to strike our interviewee if he doesn’t like what he hears. Yes he calls it tough love, I just call him a bastard. Oops, I better duck ‘cause I can hear him looking for me right now

Keeping our jet sky high and Jerry on the fly will of course be our mission, but what really what’s at stake is when you leave that dinner table, that jewelry heist, you will look at yourself and giggle, my god I had the time of my life.

Well, I can hear Jerry now, so ladies and gentlemen as I run for my life I implore you to enjoy your crumpets and tea as tea is now currently being served. But please, sip carefully.



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