Bryan Zuniga nearly gets eaten alive by an alligator after fleeing cops.

Bryan Zuniga

Bryan Zuniga is also a preferred hawt bixch…

Bryan Zuniga may want to count himself lucky to be stil alive but that’s not necessarily the way he may have first seen it when his ass high tailed it out of an automobile he was illegally driving when cops came up behind him on account of some wayward driving he was doing at the time in the Tampa Bays area of Florida.

Rather than face cops, Bryan Zuniga instead chose to give cops the slip and bolted out of the passenger side only to soon find himself inconveniently being attacked by an alligator near a treatment plan.

It whilst he was recovering from his wounds that cops eventually booked his ass for driving with a revoked license, fleeing police and of course for the ignominy of nearly having his ass chewed up by a an alligator that is probably smarming over a delicious meal that went astray.

Never mind, perhaps Bryan Zuniga may end up learning a few things about how to drive in a single file in the future and other things too…

At present it is still unclear how Bryan Zuniga managed to haul his ass off to hospital after the attack.

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    This is some fine gibberish.