School refuses to take down child’s drawing of Jesus Christ with title ‘I want you to kill all infidels.’

Jesus Christ with title 'I want you to kill all infidels.'

Infidels must be killed because Jesus said so!

Furore has been caused by a child’s drawing of Jesus Christ with the adjoining headline, ‘I want you to kill all infidels.’ The picture as drawn by a student at Fresno’s Hamilton school was part of a school assignment to draw a ‘help wanted’ poster for soldiers in the crusades. Strangely despite the resignation of the child’s parent, Chris Alfaro, school authorities have declined to remove the drawing from the school’s lobby.

Offered Chris Alfaro: “I do believe common sense tells you, ‘Hey this may not be appropriate for a k through 8 school, right in the main lobby where each child passes on their way to school and home.'”

That said when the child’s parents(coincidentally both Christians) called in the school to complain they got the following response:

“The aide said something along the lines of I’ll see what I can do, and then hung up the phone.”

A spokesperson from the school offered the following response:

“Students at Hamilton were assigned to create a help wanted poster for soldiers needed to fight in the crusades and write a poem about Joan of arc, the Black Death, or the Magna Carta and create a visual background for it. This was one of several posters displayed.”

For those not too cognizant with history, the Crusades were a series of wars launched by the Catholic Church against other religions, including Muslims. Hardly the message one wants to be blaring in the current tenuous climate. Or maybe that’s just our collective guilt and sense of uncomfortableness with sensitive themes, not that an 8th grade child may necessarily catch on. But then again shouldn’t have school authorities exercised a bit more discretion or is this there tacit way of approving hate mongering? Or are we all reading too much into a child’s ‘innocent’ drawing?

Of note, Hamilton School’s principal did finally invite Alfaro and his wife to come in and speak about their objections — but only after Action News called the school for its side of the story. Indeed.

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